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Posted by on September 12, 2014

I have thus far kept to my oath of new foundations. Sadly for the blog, I have not shared many of the posts live, but it is simply because I can’t. There are battle things that I can’t share with the general public. Overall though it has gone well.

In new I can share I have a new job. I am still working on exactly what all it entails, but I am very happy to have it. A and her extended family of lads have hired me to be security coordinator. Not a bad job and I know a lot about security obviously. My first big project is coming up as they are about to head back to London for a time and I need to plan out somethings for security. I have also been asked to look at the current house security system and recommend if it needs to be upgraded or not. Could be worse right?

School is also underway again for me. That has been a little stressful because of all the changes that have been happening but i enjoy learning. So there you have that.

Taking my time in stateing a choice I made per the instructions I got from Dan. It works out well to follow his directions as well as I don’t think that is something that should be covered in email either and the other person involved in the choice is without computer at the moment. So, works all around I think. Who knows I could be wrong but I am following some well given advice.

and that is my week thus far. I really need to catch up on book reviews.

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