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Posted by on May 23, 2013

So the title A what? would be the reaction my sister gave me when I said I have a date. Yeah I know weird and no one is more surprised then me. However the migraine suggested I try a date or to so that I can get back into a socialize with people on more then a work/family ect level. So I took his advice.

The “big event” will be Saturday and just keeping it casual and such being that I am taking the advice of the migraine. Dinner at one of the nice casual enjoyable places in town and probably a movie as well. Ya know basic stuff, that is still the “cool” thing to do right?

Other then that there is another gig that has been set up I will be taking part of. Going to mostly be singing older songs because we have not had a lot of time to practice to much new. If I play my cards right and find the sister a baby sitter I may even get her to come up on stage and sing with me. So there is the week in review in this neck of the woods.

There is also this to share, renovations on the Danish place known as Valhalla are complete and I have to say.. maybe I need to go be a teacher in Denmark so I can hang out there..lol


2 Responses to “A what? Yup..”

  1. Gwenie says:

    You have fun and you can not steal the house but you could come 😛

  2. Melda says:

    Glad to hear it! Have fun.. it’s all ya gotta do. And yeah… Denmark has Subways right? maybe I could transfer

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