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Posted by on March 17, 2013

Sunday sunday and almost time to travel. I am not looking forward to traveling later this week, but I am sure I will be fine. I am never going to tease Ambs for her plane anxiety again now that I have it. So today has been a time of reflection and looking at things. My moods turn to that more often lately and migraine says that is normal.

One reflection has been communication. I have finally since the start of the year gotten on board with the whole communicate by email thing on a regular basis. Yes I know I am behind the times but since I am having some issues with my hands it is becoming easier to type than write these days. I am sure I will get back to more hand writing when I am physically able but for now I have to look to my health on all levels mental and physical. Irony that the communication drop with some correspondence via email has not been because of me. Looking at some emails I replied to in January today had me thinking about that while I cleaned out the inbox.

I also pondered today on where to go in my career path. I am fairly sure for the foreseeable future I am not going to be able to go back to working as an EMT it sets off to many things with the PTSD. While that troubles me because I enjoy doing the work and helping people it is just something I have to consider. I have two things I am thinking about, both may make some laugh but others will get it. I have thought about being a teacher or being a librarian. I already have skills in the decimal system thanks to someones library origination and check out cards. I have done some research on a few programs for going back to study in both situations and I am going to be looking further into them on Monday, making some calls and the like. Journalism has also always appealed to me on a writer level, but of course those jobs have gone down in the age of technology. Bloggers and internet outlets seem to rule the world, not to say those are not good choices too. I have some choices to make and programs to research and cost. Not bad for a Sunday.

2 Responses to “A pondering day”

  1. Melda says:

    I vote for teacher.. there are too few good ones these days

    • Legolas Devildog says:

      Thanks. I suppose I could be both as most school Librarians these days are also teachers. Have to finish going through my program paperwork. Thanks for the vote stranger.

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