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Posted by on December 9, 2015

A bike not a motorcycle bike but a bicycle. I have been through war..car accidents…sister tantrums..cousin meltdowns…and what takes me out? A bike. I guess I should have been paying better attention when I was working my way through a crowd. On my way back from work yesterday I was coming out of Paddington station to make a stop at a bakery I know is well liked by everyone gets home and bring something for dessert for the night. A biker seemed to come out of nowhere and clipped me. I am sure if I was a better writer I could make an amusing picture in words of what happened but long story short I ended up face first on the sidewalk.

Many apologies from the nice Lady who clipped me and one hospital trip later I look like some kind of raccoon and one of my legs is almost all black and blue on one side. Attractive it is NOT and well it does happen to hurt like hell. The good news is Arty didn’t get hit and I didn’t fall on her. I would be a lot more upset if she had been harmed in any fashion. She was upset about the whole incident and stood completely bodily over me while we waited to go to hospital but other then some bothered nerves she is just fine. I just hope the bruising goes away for the Holidays….otherwise I am never ever going to live this one down.

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